A bouquet of flowers is all it takes

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It is human temperament for one to be glad when received with presents on particular events. Getting gifts can show numerous significance such as thanking somebody or just by, uplifting somebody up and make his day. Gifts can come in many forms, relying on how creative the source is and what the person loves depending on the occasion and his spirit. Flowers are one of the top gifts lover would like to receive. This applies very much to the females. When surprised with a bouquet of flowers, she can be at all smiles and happy from ear to ear.

Urban Flowers Design originally started its organization in January 2014 with one sole target of preparing fresh flowers and pattern to the island of Singapore. It is a brand new business which is centrally situated in the heart of SingaporeÕs financial district in the City area. From the several office buildings positioned there, we have resolute to be unusual and stand out from the usual by opening a flower shop in the heart of all workroom and vital organization.

It aids arranging hampers and flowers for working adults and firms easier when desiring to do business or for own matters. With our florist, we present to you an developed store front in Carlton City Hotel which is only 2 minutes away from the closest and nearest Tanjong Pagar train station. It carries about lots of suitability as people can definitely discover it. We are committed to provide the best assistances and finest floral preparations with our devoted and skilled flower designers.

With the several florists attainable all over Singapore, be sure to check out our recently established flower shop which concentrates in wedding bouquet, hand bouquet, valentine day flowers, pretty roses or the 99 roses in a bouquet, sunflowers as well as our festivities edition of Chinese New Year hamper (CNY Hamper) and Christmas hampers. After making an order with us, you can pick for our reliable flower sending in Singapore too.

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