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The majority of people like what they see when they take a look at Ambit. They appreciate the amazing benefits the Ambit Opportunity can provide. Some, though, feel that they aren't salespeople and wonder if it's possible for them to succeed as an Ambit Independent Consultant.

The good news is that Ambit offers a service, not a product. Energy is something that everyone uses every day. Energy is almost as much of a necessity in people's lives as oxygen. Ambit provides a way to help people pay less for what they already have to spend month on each month. If you sincerely want to help people and can demonstrate to them the savings and benefits available from Ambit, you can succeed just like countless everyday people before you have since the company was started.

Unlike most sales-related businesses, Ambit doesn't have a monthly quota for signing up customers and consultants. In fact, so long as you maintain a consistent basis of 20 active customers a month, each time they pay their Ambit Energy bill, you will receive your commission. Month in, month out. For life. And, if you drop below 20 active monthly customers, all you have to do is enroll at least one consultant or customer every four months to keep your association with Ambit Energy activated.

The traditional way of marketing energy is to have a corporate staff and substantial advertising budget, then buy ads to attract customers. Ambit's direct sales model is much more efficient than that. By developing a network of consultants who sign customers up directly, the company avoids the enormous marketing costs it would otherwise have to pay. Occasionally, yes, you will see an Ambit commercial on TV, strategically placed for brand recognition.

Ambit Independent Consultant pay is directly related to that consultant's individual success in enrolling new energy customers and helping the consultants they personally enrolled do the same. There are three basic forms of income: Immediate, Leadership, and Residual.

Immediate income-- as a new Ambit consultant you will receive Jump Start bonuses for your initial customer gathering work. As you sponsor others to be Ambit consultants and help them gather their own customers you will qualify for Team Builder bonuses.

Leadership income-- consultants in leadership positions receive Consultant Leadership Bonuses to unlimited levels as new consultants enter into their organizations and produce business.

Residual income-- consultants receive Customer Residual Income through seven levels when active customers in their organizations pay their gas or electric bills.

Ambit Energy consultants can sign up customers in any state where Ambit currently does business-- Texas, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania-- whether that state is their residence or not.

Consultants do pay a small amount to join Ambit, but those funds are maintained separately for distribution back to the consultant network when new customers are signed on to Ambit's service.

Ambit has been singled out for praise by Inc. Magazine as the fastest growing privately-held company in the US, and the company receives regular attention from news outlets and media. A company that is not completely legitimate would never be able to withstand such public scrutiny and standards.

And you'll never be alone. Wherever you are in your business, you'll have mentors and business partners and coaches dedicated to help guide you to success. When you succeed, they succeed. Ambit is different from most other electricity and natural gas providers, in that in values integrity over growth. Your success with Ambit Energy powers the success of others and their success powers yours. Every step of the way.

Source: Ambit Energy