Is your child coping with his Chinese lessons and exams in class?

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Is your child coping with his Chinese lessons and exams in class? Being unhappy by the low scores he is receiving because he does not digest the language?

Those are very common fears amongst many guardians and children, worried that Chinese will drag their scores down and thus making them develop a dislike for the language.

Well, worry no longer, because Tian Di is here to assist you. Tian Di is a Chinese tuition centre which offers your child a great variety of Chinese Enrichment exercises and classes. Split into two distinct groups - Academic and Writing, Tian Di can provide a comprehensive coverage of the Chinese language, including PSLE level Chinese, O level Chinese oral, Chinese Writing and many more.

Tian Di's approach to teaching the Chinese language is a universal way. Instead of requiring someone to memorize textbooks through repetitive techniques, Tian Di chooses to use fun filled activities and ways so that your child will have fun learning the language and associating it with good times! Research has found that this will result in a faster improvement in learning rate rather than outdated boring methods and a engrossed child is one that will learn swifter and better.

So if you're searching for Chinese tuition in Singapore, Tian Di can assist your child in his path to the exciting world of the Chinese language! Tian Di is certain you will be pleased with the results.

Come to their website for more details: Chinese Language, Chinese Tuition Centre, Chinese Tuition Singapore.