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First recognized in the year 1986 as a remote seminary in Singapore and particular in tutoring learners with accounting and business management programs that would bring to internationally qualified skills all roundabout the world. Since then, Uptrend College has managed to see thousands of Singaporeans found out of their academic potentials has grown massively and carried on to larger targets with their jobs and businesses.

The learners of Uptrend College is our priority and we guarantee a productive setting for them to improve knowledge as well as a widespread range of facilities for both work and play. All our students that undergo the part-time courses or the many diploma and degree courses will have the luxury of attending programs at our 19 entirely equipped air conditioned classrooms, science workshop, computer rooms and also the library and knowledge places for students to hold study gatherings and task consultations.

We have a large range of business classes for pupils who want to further their skills. Some of these contains Diploma in Business Administration, Diploma in Business Management, Diploma in Business, Business Degree, Bachelor of Business Administration, Diploma in Marketing, Bachelor of Business Management, Diploma in Accounting, LCCI Diploma, Diploma in Hotel Management, Diploma in Tourism. Courses such as bookkeeping, ACCA, LCCI, LELTS and secretarial are accessible too. In extra, learners who are seeking for ‘O?Level education are not shortchange as we educate O Level private takers. Learning English in Singapore is turning high in mandate and Uptrend College aims to offer a opportunity for foreigners who yearn to learn English by forming English classes.

Now, Uptrend College opens at four other regions in Singapore namely, Yishun, Jurong, Dhoby Ghaut and Tampines. The vision of our centre is to serve professional programs to those that are desiring to study at areas and timings that are expedient to students whether they are selecting full-time or studying part-time while labouring.

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