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RYT-Poll is a Singapore based e-solutions service provider that focuses in electronic polling for AGMs (Annual General Meeting) & EGMs (Extraordinary General Meeting).

AGMs and EGMs are held by companies in order to transact business situations that require shareholder approval. As such, it is necessary to find a quick way to quickly perform polling and voting in Singapore so as to swiftly come to a agreement and avoid wasting precious business time.

In today's modern fast paced business environment, no longer is our audience response system done using pen and paper or other such outdated methods. It is the age of electronic voting and other such novel methods. We can assist you in making wise decisions and analysis by providing you with accurate and instant data capture.

At RYT-Poll we are always at the front of the latest trends. For example, taking note of new SGX polling rules that state that all SGX primary-listed companies and trusts shall perform all its general meetings in Singapore, unless prohibited by applicable laws and regulations in the jurisdiction of its incorporation.

If you're looking to run a Singapore poll, such as in Workshop & Seminar or Conference & Market Research, RYT-Poll is here to help. When it comes to the topic of polling and voting in Singapore., we have the solutions that you need! Contact us today for more information to see how we can help you and your company.

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